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Thread: At a crossroad: returning to work

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    At a crossroad: returning to work

    The topic of returning to work has cropped up again. My husband would prefer I work again. My son on the other hand is adamant that I stay at home. We don't really need the added income, but I think my husband merely does not like the idea of a "housewife". Do I find work just to appease my husband or stay at home to be with my son? I know some mums work from home, but for me I prefer to separate work life from personal life. I have worked before and after giving birth and I do not know why this decision seems harder to make now.....

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    How old is your son? I have been a stay at home mum for about 7 years now and thoroughly enjoy it. I have found that keeping myself busy with my children and outside the house activities has helped wonders.
    Could you possibly get involved with volunteerism or volunteering your time out in the community?

    I also noticed that going to play groups or mothers groups changes things up as well.

    Talk to your husband and see exactly why he thinks you should be working, open communication is ideal in situations like these. A clear understanding will help your relationship thrive. Once you talk about your wishes and his, then maybe you will come to a compromise.
    Good luck and I do hope that you enjoy this time with your little one.


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