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    Skin discoloration

    I have noticed that my some of the women I know who got pregnant have discoloration on their necks and underarms.

    This change on a pregnant woman's body makes me a little uncomfortable because I'm not sure how long will the discoloration last.

    Is it safe to use whitening creams and toners to remedy the discoloration especially if you're still breastfeeding?

    I hope you can help me understand this change so I can feel better about these "changes" in a woman's body.

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    Here is a great article on the different types of skin discoloration during pregnancy.


    As you will see skin discoloration does not occur in every woman. Their is a possibility that you will not see this in your pregnancy.
    Adequate amounts of water through out your pregnancy is also very important in heloing to keep you hydrated as well keeping your skin healthy.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

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    Skin discoloration during pregnancy is very common but it is not permanent. You will also need to have a good skin care routine to prevent skin discoloration. Use a natural product on your skin and wash your skin with natural or mild soap. Don't use soap that has harmful chemicals because it may damage your skin. Hydrate your skin properly by drinking plenty of natural fluids.

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    Thanks for sharing this useful information alexandrah

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