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    How to cope with back pains caused by increasing breast size

    My breasts have always been heavy but until recently I have never experienced back pains. I know that there will be continuous growth until after pregnancy. What can I do about the back pains? Will more supportive bra's help?

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    Back pain is common in pregnancy anyway regardless of your breast size. This is partly because the ligaments in your body are softer in pregnancy. It's really important to sit well with a good posture in pregnancy; particularly if you are working at the computer. Have a look at this previous thread on back pain in pregnancy - I hope you will find it interesting.

    In terms of back pain specifically caused by your breasts changing shape and size; yes a more supportive bra is likely to help. Many women change bra size in pregnancy and need a new bra during this time and then use nursing bras (for breastfeeding in) after pregnancy.

    I do hope that you feel more comfortable soon.
    Warm wishes,

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    Wow I didn't know that back pain was a part of pregnancy. Thanks again for the response and the information you've provided.

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    Yes it is a common discomfort in pregnancy; I hope you find some of the suggestions in the link above helpful.

    Warm wishes,

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