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    Solids and Constipation

    My little one is now enjoying solids, but l am noticing that she is now suffering from constipation. I cook a variety of vegetables for her, but it does not seem to help. Should l add some form of fibre to the vegetables or in a drink form? and if so, can you recommend a good fibre supplement to buy. My baby is 11 months old and l can see she is hurting when she tries to have a number 2. Thanks everyone in advance.

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    I would keep a list of what foods she is eating during the day and when you notice that she is constipated.
    Those foods that seemed to make her constipated, remove from her diet till she is older.
    Id also make sure she is taking adequate amounts of breastmilk or formula. Some doctors recommend water. Please do check with her doctor to see what their recommendations are on water intake at 11 months old.
    I do hope that you can figure out exactly what is causing her issue and it resolves quickly.


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