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    Baby cover for feeding

    I am looking for a cover,, not a wrap, that can attach to me while l am feeding my baby in public. I don't want to put anything to heavy over her face. I just don't know where to shop for one, and Target, Kmart etc don't have anything suitable. Thanks.

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    I absolutely love Aden Anais muslin cotton swaddle blankets. The work great for a breastfeeding cover up, are easily folded and stuffed into a purse or bag.
    I have used them for swaddling baby, great for shading the sun, light cover up on a windy day....windshield blocker...park blanket.
    They are so versatile for every thing possible.
    They also are easy to handwash and dry quickly in the sunshine.
    Hope you are able to find a few...they are well worth it!
    Do let me know if you get some.
    I found them on sale at Target once...

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    With my first son I got one like this from amazon. I found it very useful at first when breastfeeding was being established. I then found I was using it less and less as I grew in confidence and with my second son I didn't use one at all.

    Warm wishes,

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    Yes the baby cover is very useful while breastfeeding.

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