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Thread: Water birth

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    Water birth

    For my third pregnancy l have been thinking a lot about a water birth. Not at home but in a water birthing centre, I wanted a water birth for my second child, but l got a bit jittery about it. One of my friends had a water birth and they say they wouldn't want anything else. I keep thinking if there was a problem, and some of the photo's l have seen, the babies seem to have a bluish colour about them. I thought that meant they were not getting enough oxygen. I want a water birth experience, maybe other parents that have had a water birth can ease my mind. Hope to hear soon so l can make a decision. Thank you.

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    Here is a my water birth that I deemed "heavenly"....I have had 2 water births and would not have another birth any other way.

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    Water immersion is underestimated. 3 of my 5 kids were born in water and I supported many women having water births as a midwife.

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