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    Endometriosis and pregnancy

    How can endometriosis effect fertility and what are the types of treatment options are there for women? A few years ago I was told by my doctor I had very slight endometriosis and had surgery to remove some of the tissue, however this is something I often wonder and think about not only for myself, but also for my sisters who have endometriosis as well.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Dear NatMari,

    Endometriosis is caused by the lining of the womb growing where it should not. This could be in the ovaries or fallopian tubes or even the bowel and, rarely, the lungs. When a woman's monthly period occurs the womb lining becomes thicker as it prepares for an egg that, if fertilised, will be implanted. Normally when the egg is not fertilised the womb lining is shed and this is a woman's period.

    However, in a woman who has endometriosis the parts of the womb lining growing elsewhere cannot shed their thicker lining each month. This can cause cysts, lesions and scar tissue.

    As you say above, it does depend on how severe your endometriosis is as to the likelihood of you conceiving naturally. Women with more severe endometriosis may be offered IVF. For mild endometriosis, a flushing out of the fallopian tubes often helps a women to conceive. Surgery can also help in moderate to severe cases and often gives a good chance of conceiving naturally after this.

    With best wishes,

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