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    Vaccination no effect?

    Hi! I have my first child fully vaccinated as per advise by Paediatrician but I notice that my eldest got sick easily. She has full shots on Rotavirus but still have Diarrhea due to such virus and was even hospitalized. Same does happen when she got Pneumococcal vaccine but still catch Pneumonia. While on the other hand, my second child does not have her full vaccine and she is now 3 years old but rarely got sick. There has to be an explanation for this. Can anyone help?

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    Hi Eva M,

    Thank you for your post and I'm sorry to hear that your eldest was very unwell on two occasions.

    Some children are unfortunately more susceptible to illnesses. Some children also come into contact with more illnesses than others (for example if a child is at nursery school they will be in contact with more illnesses).

    Vaccinations do not provide 100% protection against a disease. There can be different strains of a disease (less common strains) which a vaccine is less effective against. Some vaccines also only provide protection for a given number of years (as oppose to lifelong protection).

    Breastfeeding a child also means that that have increased immunity levels to childhood illnesses.

    With warm wishes to you and your family,

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