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    Hi, I am a pregnant woman. I really wanted and excited to see my baby soon just like what other mothers out there. But, I was just confused because along with the excitement and longing, there is also a bit of fear in my heart during the delivery period. I am worried about the pain which I will be going trough soon. Is it normal to feel this?'

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    I do believe that many pregnant mothers feel some sort of anxiety about their upcoming births.
    I recomend that you read the birth stories here: http://
    You will find quite a few birth stories from other mothers.
    I always found that getting support from friends and family and now online helped me feel better about my birth.
    I also know that our bodies are made to birth babies and our bodies know exactly what to do.
    Trusting your natural abilities is also key.
    I would suggest you talk to your midwife about your worries and get them out into the open.
    The more you talk about it the more you may feel the release of worry.

    I do hope that you take the time to read over the birth stories in the link above.
    If you have any further questions or worries please do check back in and let us know.


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    Okay I will try to follow your advice. I hope it works for me.

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