Expecting in late August 2014 and onwards or know of anyone who is?

I am currently in my third year of Bachelors of Nursing/Midwifery with the University of Queensland Ipswich and a component of our degree is participating in a Continuity of Care Program. This program requires us to accompany 20 individual women on their pregnancy journey, attending a minimum of 5 antenatal appointments, your birth and a minimum of 2 postnatal appointments.

As a midwifery student we do not take the place of your health care provider, but instead act as an extra support and advocate for you, your baby and your family. I would be forever grateful if anyone would be interested in allowing me to join them on their journey!

If you are in the early-mid stages of your pregnancy and are birthing at Ipswich General Hospital and would like a student midwife, please send me a pm.

For further information contact me