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    hello again. I really do have lots of questions in my mind about my pregnancy. As of now, I confused of the simple things that's happening around me. I just wanted to ask if, how will I know if the feelings for my husband for me have changed already? What I mean is that, does he still love me even if I am already ugly right now?

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    Dear crizen,

    In pregnancy a woman's body changes but these changes should be celebrated. The pregnant body is a beautiful one; one to be marveled at. Actually, many men find their pregnant wives particularly attractive. Your growing bump and changing body represents new life; is there anything more wonderful than this? If you are able to feel confident and comfortable in your new body then so are those around you.

    This special time won't last for long and you may miss your pregnant body once it is gone. I know it can be hard but try to embrace the changes. Many women also have thicker and more luxurious hair in pregnancy as well as clearer skin and a 'glow' about them.

    I do hope that some of this helps.
    With warm wishes,

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