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Thread: Does water birth speed labour?

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    Does water birth speed labour?

    hi jane,
    i have been reading about waterbirth & immersion during labour. I understand that the effects of labouring in water can help the cervix to dilate faster. Even after 8 babies my labours are still typically 12-15hrs history of 3 vaginal births, 4 c/s & a vba4c make me 'high risk of uterine rupture'. is faster dilation a benefit or risk for someone with my 'overworked' uterus.

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    Using water during labour helps to relax you and helps enable the right cocktail of labour hormones to be released, in turn helping labour to progress (the water has the additional benefit of decreasing the discomfort of labour). This is a natural and safe method of facilitating labour. Because the uterus isn't being artificially stimulated it will not increase the risk of uterine rupture. Have you read any books written by Dr Michel Odent? He has written extensively and talks a lot about labour hormones, the environment of birth and using water in labour. I think you'd find it very helpful.
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