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    Camping in early pregnancy.

    I recently found out that I am pregnant and I am elated. I have been feeling cramps like am about to see my "period" and this has me feeling extremely worried. Is this something to worry about? Should I go to a doctor?

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    Mild cramping (or feeling like your period is about to start) is a normal part of early pregnancy for many women. How many weeks pregnant do you think you are? This can occur when the embryo implants (at around 4 weeks pregnant) or after this when the womb starts to change shape.

    If the cramps become more than mild or you are concerned about them then please speak to your midwife or doctor. In particular, if the cramping is associated with any bleeding from your vagina then you should see your doctor as this could be a sign of a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. However, from what you have described above it doesn't sound like cause for concern.

    Please post back if you have any further worries.
    With warm wishes,

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    Thank you so much, I'm relieved to hear that this is normal.

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    You are very welcome. I know it's difficult when your body is changing but try to relax as much as you can.

    With warm wishes,

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