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Thread: What helped you to decide to have a Homebirth?

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    What helped you to decide to have a Homebirth?

    Homebirths are growing in popularity again as more and more women become aware of this natural way to give birth in perhaps the most comfortable and relaxing environment of all. When a women is undisturbed and in surroundings which she perceives to be safe she can 'go within herself' and let the subconscious part of her brain take over the birth; trusting her body and her baby.

    There are many reasons to choose to have a homebirth. Some of those which have been discussed previously on this forum are:

    • giving birth in an undisturbed environment
    • giving birth with the people you want present (including children)
    • most likely to have low intervention labour
    • birthing in an environment chosen by you
    • certain use of a birthing pool
    • more likely to have a quicker, smoother labour

    What helped you to decide to have a homebirth? Was there one particular factor which made you sure this was the birth you hoped for or was it the overall idea of birthing at home? How did your birth experience compare to your birth hopes?

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    Having had 3 hospital births I knew their had to be a better way. So...I started watching positive homebirth videos as well as reading everything I could find about natural birth with midwives.
    I also joined several online forums and connected with other homebirth mothers.
    I found an amazing midwife and that all she wrote.

    I LOVE everything about homebirthing.

    Great thread.

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    Thank you sunnymumof5 - this is really helpful to hear. What were the books you read?

    Warm wishes,

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    All of Ina May Gaskins books.
    As well as "Ten Moons" By Jane Hardwicke Collings...AMAZING book!!!!
    I have a few others that I loved as well....ill look them up and get back to you.
    Oh and surrounding yourself with female energy during labor...makes a huge difference during labor.


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    Thank you so much for these great recommendations for our pregnant forum members.


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