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    Pelvic exercises

    I heard that pregnant women should do pelvic exercises. Is this important? Will there be a complication later on if I don't do these exercises?

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    Yes pelvic floor exercises are important in pregnancy. The pelvic floor controls your bladder and bowel movements. A strong pelvic floor means that you will not leak urine when you sneeze, exercise or cough. It also means your uterus is less likely to drop and feel heavy later in life. Women who have strong pelvic floor muscles tend to have more satisfying sex lives.

    In pregnancy, extra stress and weight is put on the pelvic floor. This means that it is importat to do daily pelvis floor exercises which are known as kegels. There is some evidence that doing this will also help you to control these muscles better in pregnancy and so is less likely to lead to you tearing or needing an episiotomy.

    With warm wishes,

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    Hello LJ,
    Thank you for the information you've been very helpful to me.

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    You are very welcome. LJ

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