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    Is caffeine safe for pregnant and nursing mums?


    My friend is 3-months pregnant, and she likes drinking coffee.

    Is it safe to drink coffee or any products that contain caffeine when you are pregnant or nursing?

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    Dear workingmum,

    It is recommended that pregnant women drink/consume no more than 200 mg of caffeine per day. Caffeine should also be kept to a minimum when you are breastfeeding. As you say above, it is not just coffee that contains caffeine, its also in coke, chocolate, tea, energy drinks etc.

    Caffeine can cross the placenta boundary and have an affect on the baby. Unfortunately having too much caffeine in pregnancy is associated with an increased chance of miscarriage, although this risk is greatest in the first trimester.

    Your friend could switch to decaffeinated coffee and it would be best if this is not chemically decaffeinated (worryingly, some studies have shown this this can be even more harmful than caffeinated coffee). In pregnancy, it is best to drink decaffeinated coffee which has been decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Filter Process.

    Best wishes,

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    Thank you for this answer!

    Now, I do have a reason to reproach her.

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    Maybe point her in the direction of this article so she can make an informed decision: Caffeine During Pregnancy

    Warm wishes,

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    Will do. Thanks!

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