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Thread: Myoma lessens the chance of getting pregnant?

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    Myoma lessens the chance of getting pregnant?


    I gave birth through C-section and my OB/GYN found out that I have Myoma. She told me I shouldn't worry because it isn't cancerous. A year after, my Aunt was told by the doctors to undergo surgery because her Myoma has developed into cancer. I went back to my doctor and told her about this. Again, she said that Myoma isn't cancerous and explained that she didn't remove it because their is a high possibility of not getting pregnant again. Now, I'm confused. Please enlighten me.
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    Hi workingmum,

    Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear that you have not been given clear information about this.

    Uterine myoma is also known as fibroids. It is by nature a benign tumour (i.e. it is not cancerous). Many women have fibroids - some sources suggest around 50% of women in their 20s and 30s have fibroids. If you do not have sypmtoms caused by your uterine myoma then there is generally no need for treatment. Having uterine myoma does not increase your chances of getting cancer. I don't know what happened with your Aunt I'm afraid without knowing all her medical history.

    It depends on what type of fibroids you have (where it is located and the size) but it is unusual for it to impact fertility. Some, but not all, treatment types for fibroids are not used for women who plan to conceive again - perhaps this is what your doctor was referring to? However, if you still have concerns then I would go back and see your doctor.

    Do you have painful or heavy periods?

    Warm wishes,

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    Yes, I'm having painful and heavy periods and I hate it. But my doctor said it's natural when you have myoma. Is it true?

    I'm relieved knowing myoma isn't really cancerous.

    I really appreciate this answer.

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