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    Dilation and Curettage


    When someone had undergone D&C or Dilation and Curettage, will this give the less chance of getting pregnant again?
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    Dear workingmum,

    Generally speaking, no a D&C does not affect future fertility levels. However, there are risks associated with having a D&C and these can in turn lead to reduced fertility. For example, having a D&C makes 'Asherman's Syndrome' more likely where scarring in the womb can affect fertility. There is also the risk of a uterine perforation. However, as I say these do not happen for the majority of women who have a D&C. You really need to weigh the risks up as having a D&C can reduce the chance of infection if you are going through a miscarriage.

    Also, a D&C often helps to restore fertility levels if products of the conception are left in the womb (and are not coming out naturally).

    Please feel free to ask any further questions about this here.
    Warm wishes,

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    Thanks for answering me again. Now, I'm learning a lot!

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