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    Breastfeeding moms who need dental work

    Being pregnant 5 times came with it's fair share of dental visits between pregnancies. I opted to have cleanings while I was pregnant, but any dental work that needed to be done waited until after I had given birth.

    At that point, I was presented with the challenge of expressing my milk before a procedure which involved a numbing medication and tossing milk that I expressed for 24 hours after the procedure. I simply wanted to limit the amount of medication my baby was getting through my breastmilk.

    However the biggest challenge was actually getting baby to take the milk from a bottle while I was pumping and tossing. Sometimes I would pump, and then offer an "empty" breast to my baby simply because he wanted to suckle and that's what would calm him.

    I used a double pump that I purchased used, from a friend and that saved me a lot of time.

    Have you ever had dental work done during a time when you were breastfeeding? What did you do and how did your baby cope?

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    I can emphasise with you here Kate as this has been a recent concern of mine.

    I recently visited the dentist whilst my husband looked after our baby in the waiting room. My understanding dentist did not give me any medication which would pass into the breastmilk and also let me feed the baby to sleep in the middle of the appointment! So I would recommend finding a dentist who understands what it is like be a breastfeeding mum. But this is probably easier said than done.

    On other occasions I have 'built up' to a time when I knew my baby would need expressed breastmilk. For example, by getting him used to a little expressed breastmilk from a bottle each day. I also found it was easier if my husband gave him the expressed milk in the bottle - if it was my then he just wanted the boob!

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    Other strategies for offering baby expressed breastmilk include cup feeding and syringe feeding. Baby's from a young age can sometimes manage a straw as well. I had one baby that refused to drink anything from anything other than the breast - this created all sorts of challenges when I was called to a birth.
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