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Thread: Did you keep a pregnancy journal?

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    Did you keep a pregnancy journal?

    With my first pregnancy, I was given this little book for keeping a record of everything that happened during the pregnancy. I did start writing in it, and I would write down my feelings during that week and what happened at the latest appointment. I wish I had kept up with it, and written a journal for my other pregnancies. When I was pregnant, it seemed like I would be pregnant forever, but it really went by so quickly. I do like reading in the journal I did write, to see what I was thinking and feeling at certain times during the pregnancy.

    Did you keep a pregnancy journal?

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    I didn't as for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy I was so scared of having another miscarriage I didn't want to start hoping too much. But I wish I had kept one later on. Maybe next time.....! It's great that you can read back your thoughts from pregnancy Jessica as it is such a special time and there are so many emotions and changes you go through in 9 months.

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    I did with my first two pregnancies and so wish I had continued with my last two. I love looking back on those journals and reflecting on that time in my life. It is such a special part of life. I think everyone should keep some sort of journal during their pregnancy. One day, your children will probably enjoy looking back over it as well.

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    I really wanted to keep a journal and I actually normally do but like you ljmarsden I was afraid I would miscarry and thought it would be too painful if I miscarried one or both of my babies. So, sadly, during that time I didn't journal at and now I really wish I had!!!

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