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    Nausea before a positive test

    Hi, my husband & I have 3 children and have recently decided to plan a 4th pregnancy. This is the first time we have actually ' planned' it per say! So we have tried during ovulation last fortnight & I am due for my periods in 9 days. I've done a few pregnancy tests and all have been negative. I realise that it's early, however yesterday & today I've started to have nausea. Today has been worse than yesterday. I'm so impatient, and just wondering if it's possible that I have nausea this early?

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    Dear mellyeli,

    Thank you for your question. Yes it is possible. Some women report nausea as early as a week after conceiving.

    Generally, it's best to wait until at least the first day your period is due to do a test - or even the week after this.

    I hope you get the positive result you are hoping for.

    With warm wishes,

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