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    Let's meet those babies and children!

    Now that there are more and more of us joining this great forum I thought it would be fun to introduce our babies and children to each other (with a photo if you like).

    Here's my little lad:
    This is Bailey. 13 months old. Totally cheeky. Totally adored!

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    I don't have any photos on my laptop right now but I have four little ones.

    My oldest is 6, her name is Ireland. She is super talkative, very high-spirited.

    Next is Tristan, who is 4 years old. He is the sweetest, most sensitive little guy in the world.

    Then there is Noah, who is 2 years old. He is turning into quite a talkative little person himself.

    Finally, there is the baby, Cambria. She just turned one a few days ago. We had her birthday party today. She is a total sweety. I can't get enough of her =)

    Those are my babies!

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    Ahhh they sound adorable mom2many!

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    I have twin boys:

    Me and the boys Anna Hollister Photography.jpg

    They will be 5 in May -- I can't even believe it!!!
    My avatar is a photo of them on their first day

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    Okay here is a photo of my youngest two Lia and Jarred

    And a photo of oldest son Joshua and my grandson Dakota
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    Beautiful pics DoubleSunshine and aussiemidwife.

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    Thanks! Your little guy is adorable. What a great smile!!!

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    My two girls are in my profile pic. Finlay aged 7 now (6 in the pic) and Charlie aged 15 months now (3 months in the pic). They are both delightful.

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    They sound wonderful Mumof2IVFmiracles!

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