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    Breastmilk or water?

    My baby girl is now 8 month old and has started eating complementary food. I used to give breast milk instead of water to quench her thirst cause I've read somewhere that it is safer to delay giving water until the baby is one year old. But a relative told me it was safe to give water every time after feeding time. Which one is true? Thanks.

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    Dear lovingmum,

    Thank you for posting this interesting question.

    It is safe to give your baby water from 6 months of age (as long as the water is safe drinking water of course). However, breastmilk is still better than this (and even safer) because of its amazing immunological properties and its great nutritional value. Up to 12 months of age a baby can still get over 90% of their nutrients from breastmilk alone (if they are fed on demand). Giving your baby breastmlk instead of water will also keep up your breastmilk supply. Breastfeeding is recommended to 2 years of age and beyond by the World Health Organisation. Remember that breastmilk works on a supply and demand basis; breastmilk needs to be extracted from the breast often enough for the body to keep up the same supply.

    Are you expressing your breastmilk for mealtimes or feeding direct from the breast? Either is fine of course.

    With best wishes,

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    When I'm at home she feeds directly from the breast. Thank you so much for the valuable information, Ijmarsden.

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    I'm glad you found it helpful.


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