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Thread: Put my baby in daycare

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    Put my baby in daycare

    My baby girl is 8 month old and she's scared of strangers. I plan to put her in daycare next month and I wonder how she could deal with her first days in daycare as she has to stay with some strangers all day. What should I do to comfort her so I can feel calm leaving her?

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    I suggest starting out with taking her to daycare and being their with her for 20-30 minutes playing with the toys.
    Then leave her for 30 min to an hour one day, slowly adding more time each day.

    Gradually add more time each day and she should start to become more accustom to her surroundings and new care providers.

    It will work out for her and you.

    You can also call during the day to check in on her and see how shes doing.


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    So that's the strategy...
    Never thought of it. Thank you so much!
    Now I feel relief

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