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    TV time

    There are only me and my hubby at home so sometimes we can't help letting our 8 month old baby watching cartoon so we can do the housework. Is it okay or is there any limitation? Thanks.

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    Great concern, as a mum of 5 children, we do not limit tv time with our children. However a baby that is 8 months old does not have the attention span to sit and watch a television for long periods of time. He or she will become bored or hungry and may tire.

    If you need to get something done, sitting your babe in front of a television is ok....however you can try to bring her with you and involved her in the tasks at hand. If your folding laundry...allow her to have a few pieces of clothing to play with, if your cooking...allow her to play with pots and pans and spoon on the floor while you cook.

    If your talking on the telephone, offer her a few toys or an old telephone that doesn't work.
    Music is a great past time for babies too, turn on some relaxing tunes and let her enjoy the rhythms.

    Sounds like you will find a perfect fit for her and you.


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    Worth trying. Thank you for the tips, sunnymomof5

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