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Thread: 2 year old bottle

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    2 year old bottle

    My daughter is 2 and has always gone to sleep with a bottle. Now that we have the new baby she seems to always be wanting a bottle during the day as well. Any ideas on how to transition out of this? I'm nervous that when I start introducing a bottle to my 7 week old that she will get jealous and always want one at the same time.

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    I know some mothers have found that a sippy cup works really well for transition off the bottle.
    It may be worth a try.
    Letting her pick out one that she wants and talk about how awesome it will be to use a sippy cup and that the bottle is for the younger sibling.
    You may find that some days she still wants a bottle and that's ok, go with the flow.

    Im sure things will work out for her.


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