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    Question Herpes Simplex Virus II and Pregnancy

    I have a friend who is now 10 weeks pregnant. She had a difficult time conceiving for the past years. She told me that two years before this pregnancy, she had bleeding problems and had a miscarriage. She consulted an Obstetrician-Gynaecologist and she was diagnosed to have Herpes Simplex Virus II. She was given medications to treat her infection. I know that this is acquired or transmitted through sexual intercourse. Can Herpes Simplex Virus II be transmitted to the baby via the placenta? Is this a lifetime disease which cannot be treated? Answers for this issue is really important for my friend. Thank you.

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    It is a chronic illness, though there are treatments to alleviate some of the symptoms. If she has had an outbreak prior to the pregnancy, which she has, then the chances of spreading it to the baby are lower. I believe that if there is a current outbreak, a c-section is usually recommended.

    Of course, I am not a medical professional, just sharing what I've been told by others. I am sure the midwife can shed more light on this.

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    Thank you mom2many. I appreciate the opinion. I also learned from a professional that c-section is the preferred method of delivery to prevent the transmission of the infection to the baby.

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    Hi Charibelle_925 - if the Herpes is not active at the time of birth, i.e. there are no active herpes lesions, a caesarean is not required. It is only during an active outbreak is a caesarean recommended.
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    So a Normal Delivery can still be performed not unless there are lesions or the infection is active during the time of pregnancy. Thank you aussiemidwife.

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