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    An alternative to milk?

    I know a few mothers who hate drinking milk but are forced to do so during pregnancy. Aside from milk, what other healthy beverage/s can you recommend to pregnant women?

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    Dear motherlywidow,

    Thank you for your question. Pregnant women do not need to drink milk to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. What is important is to have enough Calcium in your diet. However, a woman who does not like milk (or if it worsens morning sickness) can get this Calcium from other sources.

    A pregnant women needs 3 portions of Calcium per day. One portion of Calcium is contained in: 150g pot of yoghurt, a small chunk of hard cheese, one glass of fortified orange juice or one cup of cooked spinach. Nuts such as almonds or brazil nuts are also excellent sources of Calcium.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you again!

    Thank you again, LJ! I shall inform my pregnant friends about this information.

    Best regards,


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    It's a pleasure. Do keep posting any questions you may have so we can all keep sharing information as well as our experiences.


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