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Thread: Is Exercise Ideal for High-Risk Pregnancy

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    Question Is Exercise Ideal for High-Risk Pregnancy

    I have a friend who is now on her 10th week of pregnancy. She had threatened miscarriage when she was on her 7th week. Aside from medications to control uterine contractions, she was also advised to have complete bed rest. Her doctor re-assessed her condition after a week. She no longer have bleeding or spotting but her doctor advised her to be precautious with her activities. What are the recommended exercises for her to maintain good health during her pregnancy? Is exercise still recommended for her?

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    This is kind of a difficult one. I would think it would be dependent on her personal case history. Walking might be acceptable, but she would really need to run it past her doctor.

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    Thank you mom2many. Yes I told her to ask her doctor first before doing any activity that could risk her baby. I myself had bleeding on my 2nd trimester of pregnancy but I was able to do some mild exercises such as walking when I was on my 3rd trimester. It helped a lot during my labour.

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    A threatened miscarriage is a term used when women experience bleeding in pregnancy (in this case early pregnancy). Bleeding in early pregnancy is common. Charibelle_925 your friend will need to speak to her doctor before commencing on an exercise program. Usually if there is no further bleeding, the ultrasound shows a normally developing baby and she is past 12-13 weeks there are no special precautions to be taken. Exercise would need to started very slowly (if she has been on bed rest) and follow the usual guidelines for exercise in pregnancy.
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    Thank you Jane!

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    I agree with Jane's recommendation above. Really important to speak with a medical practitioner before starting any exercise program when there's a high risk pregnancy diagnosis.

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    Thanks for the advice.

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