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    Unhappy Food Suggestions?? No cravings and need more food intake

    I have tried all my favourites and then some to get my calories in. Eating seems more like a chore then anything else right. I am just too tired to eat most days. Any suggestions would be great. I was told to try smoothies so I could get all my required vitamins etc in but I tried one recipe and almost scared to try another. So if anyone has tried and liked a smoothie please let me know. Just can't stand to waste money on more things to find out I really don't like it.

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    Coconut oil is a great additive to gain good fats.
    Have you looked into whole food supplements?

    I found that taking a whole food supplement lessened nausea and I was able to take them everyday with no side effects.
    Check with your area midwife for a good source of whole food supplements specifically for use while pregnant.


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    Thanks I haven't tried coconut oil and I will ask my midwife for the whole food supplements that she suggests. Thanks again

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