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    Hi All,
    I have recently become pregnant and I am completely addicted to the Wal-Mart alternative for Crystal-Lite, the Classic Sunrise flavor, which contains aspartame. I drink about 5 bottles a day of the stuff. I heard that this may be harmful for my unborn. Have you guys heard anything like that?

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    I have read different controversial articles on the additive aspartame.
    Here is a great article on the additive by Mercola.

    As a family of 7 we avoid aspartame at all costs.

    Here are a few alternatives to fruit drinks....maybe you can try them and let us know how you like them.
    You can add any combination of these fruits and herbs to a mason jar or bottle of water.
    If you like sweet water, add a spoon of morena sugar (found at walmart).

    2-3 cut up strawberries
    3-4 mint leaves
    watermelon chunks
    pineapple chunks
    cucumber slices
    rosemary sprigs
    canteloupe slices

    Try any 2 or 3 and it will be divine and much healthier for you and your baby.
    If you like cold...add some ice cubes.

    Let us know what your favorite mix is.


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    This is really helpful to know sunnymumof5 - thank you for sharing.

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