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    My bub takes over my plate!

    Recently, my toddler has been reaching into my plate while I am eating. She always seems to get in for a steal. The problem, I think, is that I looooove spicy foods and hot sauce on pretty much everything. My dear child doesn't mind and actually seems to favor the spicy food she eats from my plate. Is it okay that I let her eat very spicy, pretty much Indian heat, foods?

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    How awesome you allow her to eat what your eating.
    Her palate will develop to that of what your eating.
    As long as her gut is tolerating the new foods, you can continue to offer her exactly what you are eating.

    I would pay attention to food sensitivities such as, upset stomach, lose bowels, red rings around bottom, fussy baby, constipation.

    If you are not seeing any of those...then continue on your amazing journey with trying new foods with her.


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    Yes I agree with all of this. Remember that your toddler will also have had a taste for the type of food you eat from your breastmilk; so it is not surprising that she also likes spicy food.

    I think it's great - there's no need for toddlers to eat bland, uninteresting or mushy food.


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