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    Forbidden Fruits to Pregnant Women

    When I was 5 months pregnant, I love to eat Mangoes and love to any Fruit Shakes. I was not diabetic but then my OB asked me why is my bump so big and she asked so many questions until she said that I should not eat ripe Mangoes of any sweet fruit shakes. Because I can't believe that it's not allowed to eat Mango, I forgot to ask if there are any fruits that may trigger a big bump of a bump with a lot of water. Do you know any other fruits aside from Mangoes that we should avoid while being pregnant? Please answer. These may help others too so they can avoid getting through Caesarian delivery.

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    Oh the love of mango fruit.

    Can you please explain what you mean by "big bump of a bump with a lot of water"......are you having skin issues or is your belly growing?

    Id love to help you through this.

    Looking forward to gaining some clarity.

    Blessings sweet mama

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    Thanks again sunnymum. I will take vitamins E as per your advice.

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