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    Homebirth Preparedness Kit

    What is the best way to prepare for a home birth with regard to supplies on hand, preparing the area where the birth will take place, etc.?

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    Hi worldofwhimsical,

    Fabulous question - thank you for posting.

    You actually need very little in the way of materials to prepare for a homebirth. By far the most important preparation is of your mind and body. Think about taking a course in Hypnobirthing or Calmbirth. This will help you to be able to trust your body and your baby to birth in a way which is easy. It will help you to relax and to breathe through the contractions; eliminating fear and tension. All this leads to a birth which is far more likely to be easier, quicker and not need medical interventions. You could also look into attending your local positive birth support group.

    Having a midwife who is supportive of your decision to have a homebirth is also key. You can read more about homebirths at the links here. I would also recommend you thinking about if you want to employ a doula to support you through your homebirth.

    In terms of your question, you may like to think about borrowing, hiring or buying a birthing pool if you would like a home Waterbirth. Water can also help to make a birth smoother and act as a natural pain reliever. You want the area of the house you plan to give birth in to be somewhere you can completely relax and let go in. Some women prefer a smaller room/ part of room so they feel they have a private space. A birthing pool can also help to make a more intimate/private area of a room. You may also want a room where you can control the lighting - most women find it easier to switch off the conscious side of their brain and birth easier in dim lighting. You may want a water spray or a damp flannel. The coolness can bring relief and also provides a numbing effect and can trick the brain into not thinking about the intensity of the contractions. You may want a music player nearby. Cool clothing (or no clothing) is also important.

    The midwives will bring all of their own supplies. To keep your house clean you may want to buy some large cheap shower curtains to put down on the floor.

    There are some more ideas here on our main site in this article on Homebirth Supplies.

    I hope that this helps but please do post back with any further questions you may have.
    Warm wishes,

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