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Thread: What are my pain managment options during a homebirth?

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    What are my pain managment options during a homebirth?

    I considered the home-birth route with my second child, but I was honestly held back by my fear of pain. I have had two successful hospital births, both with an epidural. However, I would love to have the home-birth or birth center experience. If I have a 3rd child. Are there any pain medication options for home-birth? What natural ways can I relive and alleviate the pain?

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    Dear loren_blue,

    I think that it is important for a woman to birth in the environment which she feels most comfortable in. For many women this will be their home when birth can occur quicker when a woman is able to relax more. Some women feel more comfortable and confident in the hospital environment.

    In the home or in a birth centre the pain relief options include: water (warm water is a natural pain reliever), tens machine, relaxation techniques, hypnobirthing, gas and air and pethidine. It is only the epidural and other medical interventions which are not available. I believe that this is a decision that each woman needs to make for herself; there is not a right and a wrong answer but making an informed, well-researched decision is key. It is great that you have started this decision-making process.

    You are most likely to experience birth as painful and traumatic if you are in a state of fear. This is because if the body is experiencing fear it will tense up and resist the contractions making them less efficient (and so the birth longer) and more painful. Having a doula present who understands you and your birth wishes in detail can really help. Taking a Hypnobirthing or Calmbirth course can also help you to release fear and trust your body and your baby.

    Please do post back with any further questions you may have.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you!! Great suggestions. I'm definitely going to look into the gas and air option. I had never even heard of this!

    Thanks again!

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    You are very welcome. Yes gas and air is very common. Understanding the birthing process and learning what can hinder/help it is really key too.

    Wishing you all the best,

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