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    thoughts on water birth

    hi there. was wondering on your thoughts about water births, its major pros and cons. thanks!

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    I was talking to a new midwife about this very topic this weekend.

    Waterbirth is a wonderful way of a woman having her own space to birth in. The importance of this personal space cannot be underestimated as it allows a woman to go within herself and to relax more and so the contractions are more efficient. This in turn means that waterbirths tend to be quicker and with less interventions needed.

    The warm water acts as a natural pain reliever which makes the use of other pain relief options less likely.

    It is also easy for a woman to move around in the water and find a position with is optimal for birthing in.

    In terms of the disadvantages, you cannot use a tens machine in the water. If you needed continual fetal heart rate monitoring of your baby this could not be carried out whilst you were in the water (however, a handheld fetal heart rate monitor can be used for discrete monitoring).

    Warm wishes,

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    Thanks for the insight! I guess i have to put more thought into it.

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