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    What is "Hypnobirthing"?

    I recently watched a documentary where a woman briefly spoke about "Hypnobirthing". I have done a little research but would like to know if anybody has actually put the methods into practice. What is "Hypnobirthing"? Did it actually work for you?

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    Thank you for posting this interesting question.

    I took a hypnobirthing course with my doula in my last pregnancy. Previous to this I had unfortunately had a traumatic first birth experience and I wanted to do everything I could to ensure that my next birth was a positive one.

    The term hypnobirthing is actually quite misleading as it is really about self-hypnosis and allowing yourself to go into a very deep state of relaxation. This is important in birth because we need to allow the subconscious side of our brain to take over and to trust our body to birth. Birth occurs quicker and with minimal interventions when a woman does not resist the surges (hypnobirthing term for contractions) but 'goes within herself' breathing through the surges and allowing the cervix to open without resistance and stress.

    You can read more about hypnobirthing here.

    I used the 'rainbow relaxation' hypnobirthing method in my last birth. I'm pleased to say that this helped me to relax and to have a very positive birthing experience.

    Warm wishes,

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    Might try this!

    Thanks for answering so quickly. I've done a little more research and I'm thinking the hypnobirthing method, in conjuncture with water birth might be a future option.

    Thanks for the link!

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    That sounds like a very wise plan.

    Please do continue to post any questions you may have here on the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum.

    Warm wishes,

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    thanks for sharing i had never heard of hypnobirthing before but it may be something i'm willing to try ! are there any more people on this forum that have actually had a "hypnobirth"?

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