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    How do I get to sleep?

    I am thinking about trying for a 3rd pregnancy but I have also have a two year old and a 10 month old. I lost a lot of sleep during my previous pregnancies. For some reason, I was hyperactive during the late hours and had trouble falling asleep. How can I get to sleep, if I have this problem with the next one? I obviously don't want to take sleeping pills, and it wasn't a matter of discomfort. What is it that causes the hyperactivity and is there a way I can counter it or prevent it, without harming the baby?

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    Some women report insomnia in late pregnancy. I always looked at insomnia as our bodies way of preparing us for a new born baby. A new baby requires mom to be up several times during the night to feed and care for.
    Knowing that its natures call and going with the flow will help with insomnia. As well as taking advantage of any down times you have during the day time hours to rest or nap.
    This is also important once baby arrives, napping when baby naps so that you re-energize yourself during the day. As your sleep pattern will be that of your new baby.

    Also taking a prenatal yoga class will give you coping poses to do when you are experiencing insomnia as well.
    Lavender essential oils, a hot bath at bed time, plenty of water and daily exercise will help aid in regular sleep.

    Hope these ideas help you out.


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    You can also take melatonin before bed. This is a natural remedy that helps with sleep. Being active in the late evening can often be an indication of adrenal fatigue. Here's more information and a video explaining adrenal insufficiency is (adrenal fatigue) and what you can do to help bring things back into balance so that you get the sleep your body desperately needs during the night (especially during pregnancy, before baby arrives).

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