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    Homeschooling my timid son

    My son is very shy and gets anxious and frustrated easily, especially when being called out to answer questions in the classroom or something like that. After many calls from the school, I have decided to homeschool him. Is this good for my child, who seems to have an avid social anxiety issue? He is at home, away from everyone else and is doing very well academically at the time. Will sealing him off help him or hinder him?

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    Dear tosha5252,

    It's an interesting question but I don't think home education needs to be 'sealing him off' from other children. If you can connect with the home ed community near you then you should find plenty of opportunities for him to socialise, and learn alongside, children of all ages. Many children do not get on well in the school system - some would argue that it is an unnatural environment to learn with 25-30 other children all the same age.

    There is now so much research to show that learning through play is the very best way for young children to learn. Children are naturally inquisitive and will want to explore and find out about the world around them. Home education is not for everyone and it is important to do it for positive reasons. When parents understand the benefits of home ed their children can thrive- some studies show home educated children to be on average two years ahead academically of their schooled counterparts.

    There are lots of socialising opportunities too and, again, some would argue in more natural environments and situations. It can take more seeking out and organisation than socialising opportunities provided by school but it is certainly possible.

    How old is your son?

    Wishing you all the very best with this,

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