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Thread: How do I discipline my two year old son?

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    How do I discipline my two year old son?

    My two year old son really is a sweet-heart, but obviously, he has his bad days. My husband and I don't believe in spanking, we try not to raise our voices, yet we don't know how to communicate with him at this age. He still doesn't grasp a whole lot, but it's important he follows our instructions and listens when we say "No". I'm afraid that he will try to do something dangerous and will ignore our "No" and get hurt. What consequences are appropriate for a toddler? How can you really discipline them at that age?

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    I'm a attachment parenting fan as well. We do not spank or hit our children either.

    I have 5 kids and whats worked really well for our family is re-directing.

    If you see your son doing something that will cause danger to him then speaking in a tone that will get his attention right away is always a smart thing to do.

    If you find yourself saying no...stop for a moment and ask yourself..."why am I saying no?" it because I don't want him to do something, because It will be inconvenient to me....or is it something that can hurt him?

    The more you find that you say no and start saying yes....the easier the toddler years become.
    If you must say no, get down to his eye level and gently explain why you are saying no.

    Then quickly re-direct him to something else.
    Move him to another room with a toy or show him something fun to look at outside.

    A 2 year old is easily distracted and will respond very well to these suggestions.
    Please let us know how it works out for you.


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    5 children? Wow. That's amazing. Thank you for the advice. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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