Ok now just wondering i am currently 28 weeks with my fourth baby and have my next app at 32 weeks. I had a sweep done with my last two at 39 weeks and 3 days and all went perfect. My question is will a doc or midwife do a sweep at 38 weeks if i ask them as my father is the only person who is available to watch my other kids while i'm in labour but his boss is taking holidays a week before i'm due and wont be back till the week after and since she is doing that my dad has to be at work because he is 2IC and works nights. I have asked all other family and friends but no one can help. Being that in your opinion would they do a sweep at 38 weeks if i ask them i know that it sounds selfish but i cant handle the stress of not having anyone to look after the kids if my dad has to work and i go into labour. I am going public hospital too if that is of importance.