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    Pregnancy Planning

    I'm ready to start trying for a baby, but I feel like my husband is hesitant. I'm nervous to talk to him about the issue.

    Do you have any advice on the best way to bring up this subject with him? Anyone with tips on what was effective (or ineffective) for you, please share!

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    The best advice I can offer is to open the lines of communication with your husband. You have to talk about it with him and both of you come to a understanding of each others wishes and desires.

    He is your husband and will be the father of your child. Its very important to talk this over with him.
    Bringing new life into the world is something that a couple should agree upon before hand.

    Could you write him a heart felt letter explaining how you feel about this?
    A email?
    Go on a walk with him and bring it up then?

    Everything will work out, it will.

    Just remember communication is the key!


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    Thanks for the reply, sunnymumof5!

    I'm nervous to bring it up in person because I get emotional easily and there is a likelihood I would cry. I like the suggestion of a letter or email. It would be easier to express myself but open up the communication on the subject.

    thanks for the suggestions and support. I'm sure it will work out, too.

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