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    eliminating stress

    I heard today about a recent study of pregnant women, finding results that even in the womb your baby can tell when you are stressed. I naturally worry a lot, and hearing this even started to cause me more stress.

    How do you deal with stress? Do you have any suggestions on eliminating, or at least minimizing, stress?

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    Hi ambersummer,

    It's true that it is wise to keep stress to a minimum when you are trying to conceive or are pregnant. When you then have children they easily pick up on stress so again I think you are sensible to think about ways to deal with stress now to help prepare for the future.

    I find this an interesting subject as I am naturally prone to worry (and did so in my own childhood) but since becoming a mum I have actively learnt to minimise stress. If I am worrying about something then I think through the problem then push it to one side in my mind and, as far as is possible, try not to think of it again. If you are feeling particularly stressed then exercising is a great way to reduce this. Again, this is also important when trying to conceive and in pregnancy.

    Studies also show that eating a healthy, balanced diet and avoiding processed foods which are high in sugar also helps to reduce stress. As far as you can, surround yourself with positive people and you will find that you are soon one of these people yourselves.

    I personally found that a hypnobirthing course not only helped me to have a positive birth experience it also taught me how to deal better with stress in normal life. The positive birth movement is also excellent at reducing stress to do with pregnancy and birth.

    With warm wishes,

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    Thanks for the recommendations, LJ. I've heard exercises like yoga & meditation can be helpful. I'll read more about hypnobirthing & the positive birth movement. It's nice to know someone has had positive experiences with them.

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    Thanks, Glenn. Do you prefer yoga classes or at home? I'm trying to figure out which is best for a beginner.

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    Let me know how you get on with reading and researching more about these relaxation techniques ambersummer.

    Warm wishes,

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    I used to listen to a good music when I'm stress and read some books. Listening to some music relieves my stress and helps me to keep going all day. When I'm pregnant my friends and my DH bought books for me and I used to read it every day.

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    I enjoyed going to a yoga class rather than a video at home.
    I felt more support and motivated at a class.

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