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Thread: maternity leave- both parents?

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    maternity leave- both parents?

    Mums! Have any of your spouses taken maternity leave with you to stay at home and focus on the newborn? I would obviously be taking maternity leave after the birth, but is it reasonable to ask my husband to take the time also?

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    Many parents are choosing to have dad spend time off work after the birth of a baby. I highly suggest talking this over with your spouse and see how he feels about.

    If he can take off then by all means you will greatly need his help and support those first few weeks.

    Let us know how that goes....I think its awesome that employers are now offering that to new dads.


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    thanks! I'm glad it's an option for us. I'll talk to my husband about it. I didn't know if anyone has tried this and recommends it.

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