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    vegetarian diet during pregnancy?

    I have been on a vegetarian (no meat!) diet for the past 11 years. Has anyone maintained a vegetarian diet while pregnant? How easy/hard was it for you? Did you or your bub have any complications or health issues from the diet?

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    Great question!
    As more and more women find themselves vegetarians more information is showing up in the vegan community.
    Here is an article from The Vegetarian Resource Group about pregnancy.

    I see that slow weight gain can be an issue for pregnant moms.
    If you continue reading further down they do suggest ideas that pregnant moms can follow to increase caloric intake through a pregnancy.

    Hope that you can find answers to some of your concerns in the article.


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    thanks for the article, sunnymumof5! great suggestions

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    My sister-in-law tried to maintain a vegetarian diet throughout her pregnancy but during the last few months had a lot of issues maintaining her iron levels and was very fatigued. But many people do manage to maintain the diet throughout pregnancy.

    The Veg Kitchen website has a few articles you may find helpful

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