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Thread: Breastfeeding in slings/carriers

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    Breastfeeding in slings/carriers

    I just wanted to post that I have a fair bit of experience in babywearing+breastfeeding, as when my daughter was small she was hard to settle for a feed unless she was being worn at the same time. (We didn't find it easy to feed while sitting down until she was 9+ months old.) So if anyone is interested in how to breastfeed in an Ergo or other SSC (soft structured carrier), or a ring sling or wrap, I can do my best to try and help you if you like

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    I have been able to breastfeed in my kari-me sling (this is a stretchy wrap sling) but have not yet managed this in my Mei Tai. Do you find you need to adjust the baby carrier from the usual babywearing position to make it easier to breastfeed in? Thank you for your help.

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    I have nursed in the sling, wrap, and Ergo. Sometimes that is the only way to get baby down. Don't need any help, but just wanted to chime in. Love being able to breastfeed in the carrier, it is great for getting a fussy baby to sleep and provides great coverage for breastfeeding in public places.

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    I also have experience breastfeeding in a baby carrier. I do not need help either, but I did want to add that it has really helped me breastfeed more confidently if I am in public. I usually breastfeed in a mei tai or soft structured carrier, but have also breastfed in a pouch and ring sling. I do find that I have to adjust the sling or carrier, so my baby is able to sit lower whilst breastfeeding, but I am usually able to do it fairly easy now.

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    Breastfeeding in a Sling Instructions

    Hi there

    I have breastfed both my children in a BabyRock Sling (and continue to feed my one year old this way). I agree with all points mentioned by others about the advantages of sling feeding and am very confident doing so. It is fantastic when we are out because it does afford a little privacy for both baby and me, but also means I can still wander the store or relax and have a cup of decaf without a juggling act.

    That said, I thought I would do a spot of surfing on the subject and came across the Baby Carriers Downunder website which has some nifty instructions for breastfeading in various different types of slings.

    Now, I am not suggesting you go buy their slings but the instructions might assist anyone struggling with, or just unsure how to start, breastfeeding in the sling they have. I particularly liked that the instructions include modifications for young babies as well as toddlers.

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    Excellent instructions on this link - thank you Mumof2IVFmiracles. I hadn't thought to not tighten the ring sling until he was latched on. Then once he is feeding I can now tighten the sling, hands free and we're sorted....

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