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    How many baby carriers do you own?!

    Hello fellow babywearing mums (and dads!),

    I was just wondering how many baby carriers/ slings everyone owns? I have 3 (a Kari Me, Mei Tei and a Ring Sling), and I did once own a standard Tippitoes carrier but this wasn't comfortable for me or my baby. Even with 3 baby carriers I still find myself having 'sling envy' and eyeing up new slings to buy on the internet! Is it just me, or do others out there enjoy using a range of carriers?


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    I definitely enjoyed using a range of baby carriers when my children were little.

    I had a front pack, a back pack and a sling. I found there were times when each came in handy.


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    Yes different slings definitely have their different advantages. For example, my ring sling is best for quickly getting my son in and out but the Mei Tei is best for wearing on longer walks as it seems to be the best I have tried at distributing his weight evenly.

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    Good information!

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