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    Exercise during pregnancy, with a band around the stomach?

    I was at track practice with my son the other day and I saw a woman walking around the track at a speedy pace, pregnant and with some sort of band around her stomach. I didn't want to bother the lady so I didn't ask her. Has anyone ever seen something like this or know what it is (the band)? I wouldn't mind doing some walking while being pregnant and want to know if this helps or is necessary?

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    I know exactly what you are talking about.
    Is this what you saw?

    This is a maternity retail chain in the you click on the link you can see all the different styles to chose from.

    They offer support to a growing belly.

    Some mothers have difficulty with abdominal pressure or vein pressure in the abdomen from the increase of weight and growing baby.

    I have had 5 pregnancies and did not feel that I needed one.
    If I had any extra pressure I took that as a sign to sit down and rest or even lay down for a short rest.

    I highly suggest talking to your midwife or health care provider about the use of these belts.


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