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    first time mum to be, what to do next??

    i have just received confirmation from the doctors rooms after having blood test, that they where consistent with being 3 to 4 weeks pregnant. I can't get in to see the doctor for another 2 weeks (small town)

    I have know idea what to do now? if i need to do anything at all, i am the first one out of my sisters to get pregnant.

    please help.

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    Congratulations MAMA! How exciting for you!

    Well first off...RELAX....your amazing body knows exactly what to in your bodies ability to grow a new life.

    Water...staying hydrated is the most important thing you can do while pregnant and breastfeeding.
    Taking in at least 2-3 liters of water every 24hrs.

    Make sure you get folic acid daily, either in a supplement or food choices.

    A prenatal vitamin is suggested, depending on how well you tolerate them. Best taken with food in my opinion.

    Avoid these at all costs.... alcohol, cigarette smoke, too much caffeine, some medications, recreational drugs like marijuana, and various toxins.

    Make an appointment with a midwife or care provider (which you have already done)

    RELAX.....get plenty of rest and enjoy your growing belly.


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    Hi Alicia,

    Welcome to the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum and a huge congratulations to you on your pregnancy.

    I certainly agree with sunnymumof5's guidance above. Pack your diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables (organic would be even better) and keep up the exercise levels that you were doing pre-pregnancy. Make sure you rest when you feel you need to and eat frequently to help with any morning sickness. Yes folic acid is really important at this stage.

    I think you will find this article on the first trimester helpful.

    Please do ask any further questions you have here on our forum.

    With warm wishes,

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