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    Breastfeeding adopted baby

    My husband and I have recently began thinking more seriously on adopting. The thought occurred to me, "if I adopt and infant while breastfeeding my other child, could I also breastfeed my adopted child?". Is this a possibility? Could I produce enough to breastfeed both children?

    Would appreciate any advice on this. Thanks in advance!

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    Yes you can breastfeed your adopted baby.
    The younger your baby is the easier it can be for the baby to latch on to your breasts.
    If you are adopting a new born, as long as it is ok with the birth mother you can begin to breastfeed as soon as possible after birth.
    I would make your wishes known in your adoption planning.

    Here is an article about adoptive breastfeeding you may find helpful.


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    Hi loren_blue,

    Yes sunnymumof5 is right. You can even breastfeed your adopted baby if you are not currently breastfeeding another child (i.e. you can induce lactation). You would need to be dedicated to this but it is certainly possible. Please also have a read of this article on our main site: Induced Lactation Adoptive Breastfeeding.

    Warm wishes,

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    Awesome! Thank you!

    Thank you both so much! Seriously. I bookmarked the articles. I had heard of inducing lactation but that it was likely to not be enough for your adopted baby. It has been a challenge to find comprehensive information online. I appreciate the fast responses! Thank you again!!

    - Lauren

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    You are most welcome Lauren.

    Please do post back with any other questions you have on this important topic.

    Warm wishes,

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